Hi and welcome! We are so pleased you visited our site and hope you find what you are looking for. If not, please drop us an email to info@stroatchurch.org.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Below are the top questions we get asked and some short responses…

We meet every Sunday morning, 11am in Stroat. Directions can be found here.
Church is for everyone! Whether you regard yourself as a Christian already, want to know more about what Christians believe or just looking for answers to some of life’s big questions, we trust you will find a warm welcome.
Once a quarter we all stay in together and have an even more relaxed morning sharing toast and croissant together during the service. These occasions are for all the family, interactive and great fun!
What did you wear yesterday? What makes you feel comfortable? There is no dress code, some like jeans and t shirts, others something a bit more formal. Think of it as meeting up with friends and you decide!
We mainly use ‘contemporary’ songs written over the last few years or couple of decades. Some are quiet and melodic, others are more upbeat.
Only if you want to! We project the words onto a wall, so there are no books to find your way round. Some people stand, others sit. Why not listen and then join in if/when you are ready.
Absolutely not! Would you charge a friend for coming for a meal? Neither would we. Everything is free and we NEVER pass a plate around for donations. If you DO want to give towards the ongoing work, there is a box at the back for this purpose. On occasion where we have a visiting speaker from a local or overseas charity, we place a basket at the back for those who would like to donate specifically for that cause.
We encourage folks to come about 15 minutes early (10.45) to give time for a cup of tea or coffee before we start. We usually sing some worship-songs for about 20-30 minutes with opportunities for quiet reflection and prayer. This is followed by some announcements and then someone talks for about 30 minutes, usually this will be a relevant theme/topic from the bible and seeing how it applies in our everyday life. On occasions we have visiting speakers from local / national or international charities telling us about their work. Once a quarter we have ‘café church’ (see below). We tend to serve tea and coffee again about 12.15 or so.