Hello. I’m Leona. I’ve been part of Stroat Church for about 12 years, I am married to David, and have 3 girls. I’m learning to play the cornet with the middle one!
I love being creative and enjoy making things; with sewing, crochet, painting, beading, felting— in fact anything crafty! – I love meeting with others in our once a month ’Create’ group at Stroat. I work using art and crafts too, as a Occupational Therapist at ‘Great Oaks’- Dean Forest Hospice and Support Centre.
Years ago I read a book (Treasures of the snow, by Patricia St. John), where the impact of the story began a life giving hope in me. I read how ‘God’s perfect love casts out all fear’. I was a ‘born worrier’ so this verse stuck with me and I drew strength from believing it. It wasn’t until a later time that I realised we can believe and know lots about God without actually accepting his invitation to know him personally. In the book I’d read about Jesus knocking on the door of our heart:- its up to us whether we open the door and let God into our hearts and lives. Accepting this love and forgiveness gave me hope.
Nothing else matched the true freedom that I experienced through doing this.
So many things in life we don’t have a choice over, but this is one thing we do have choice over! – to continue living in fear, and guilt, or to put ourselves right with God, and other people too. It’s a choice that affects eternity! Realising all this, spurs on my passion to reach out to others, and to help them come to know Jesus, and his love for them too!
Over time I’ve discovered…. ‘It’s amazing what happens when Jesus displaces worry at the centre of your life’ (Phillipipans 4 verse 7, The Bible)

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