Questions are great, questions are fun, questions are like air to our brain – they stimulate, energise and encourage us to grow in our knowledge and understanding. They invite us into a deeper and more meaningful conversation…

There are BIG questions like – Why is there so much pain in the world? Is there really a God, and if there is does he care?

There are not so big questions like; what’s for tea? Who’ll win the football match?

And then there are many in between.

If you have a sincere question regarding life, knowing God or what’s happening in the world, we hope we can help you think about the possible answers, whether that is on a Sunday morning, our Life Groups or maybe on an Alpha course…

Alpha is a great place to ask those big questions. It’s a course designed for those asking questions about what Christians believe. Over 10 weeks different topics are covered such as: Is there a God? How Can I know God? Does God Heal today? How and Why should I read the Bible? If you would like to come on the next course email or keep an eye on the church calendar for when the next course is running. To find out more about Alpha, follow this link

If you have a question right now, then feel free to fire an email to