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Prayer Room OPEN

With immediate affect I am pleased to say that we are OPENING Stroat Church, for you to come and pray. Whilst we know that the church is not the building but the people are, we still want to encourage everyone to come at least once a week to Stroat Church to pray and worship here.
The powerhouse building will be open between 9 & 9 every day, and we have provided hand gel, face masks and disinfectant wipes to be used accordingly. We have also placed a keyboard and guitar in the room, so if you want to play you can. We are unable to provide refreshments or facilities to make any, so please for the time being bring your own.
When attending Stroat Church, we ask that everyone parks in the layby, this will not only show those passing that there is life in our Church, but also the carpark can get crowded with the builders van, and Luka’s toys.
The main church building and kitchen will not be open, as Avril is using this as her home at the moment while the building work continues, and you might find her dogs are about, if you do need to use the toilet, then there will only be ONE toilet open for use.
Please also be aware that there is still a lot of building work going on around the site, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE GARDEN, or any other places where works are taking place.
Our Church is not just for us, so please tell your friends, and family that they are also welcome to come and pray here.