Manse Update

I know it’s been a while since the last update on the Manse.  Work is progressing well.  The last few weeks Olly has been working on the roof gully.  There was additional works that was needed before he could continue costing just over £3000.  As one of the major beams holding that corner of the roof up, was rotten.  Water had been seeping under the lead flashing, and slowly rotting the beam.  This beam was a main supporting beam, and where it was rotten was only resting on a small piece of plaster– so could have given way at anytime.  Olly has also come across beams that still show signs of fire damage, and removed an old door lintel, that we think could have been an original – however the wood worm had been enjoying it.

Today he has been sorting out the water pipes in the attic as there was a jumble of pipes, that had been bodged over the years, and again he is amazed that they have not leaked.  God has been good as I am sure he has literally been holding the building together for us!


The new roof slates have been delivered and should be fitted over the coming weeks.

A decision on when we start meeting again on Sundays will be made early September, and we will let you know the plans nearer the time.  Don’t forget that the PRAYER ROOM is open every day, and you are welcome to come down anytime to spend time in there, just remember to park in the layby, and there is no access to the main church hall, except to use the WC.