We all know that seeds won’t grow without the right care and attention, but what about followers of Jesus? Is it enough just to turn up on a Sunday and get a re-charge for the coming week? Whilst that may be where we start, we believe each of us can grow! But this takes a conscious decision and an ongoing effort.
We encourage new Christians to do the Alpha course (see Ask section) orJesus Lifestyle as they start their journey. Following on, Life Groups are key to this ongoing process the bible calls discipleship…
We offer daily bible reading notes and for those who would like it, we try to find an appropriate mentor who can help explain the bible at your pace.
We have discovered one of the best ways to grow is to get involved with the life and activity of the church by volunteering in some way. Take a look at some of the opportunities here.
In the end we each need to take responsibility for our own life, so no one will push you into something you don’t want or keep chasing you if you decide to stop. After all, it’s your life! We just want to help as and when we can… We know what Jesus has done for us and would love you to experience something similar for yourself… as Jesus said “I have come to give you life, more and better than you ever dreamed of!”
If you would like to start that conversation, contact us here